Learning Mathematics is like learning a language. Once you have mastered the basic skills and rules you will be able to use them as a tool kit to solve other more complex problems. Also, like a language you need practice to be good at it, but once you have reached a certain level it is unlikely you will ever completely forget it.

Teaching Methodology

Our approach is to break down complex mathematical concepts up into smaller more digestible basic units tailored to the student's ability. Through the use of abundant examples, walkthroughs and exercises (available in tuition sessions and online) time is invested in ensuring they understand these smaller units in depth.

Once these core units have been mastered, students will find they approach understanding the more complex concepts and problem solving with a greater confidence and ease.

Building Confidence

We believe students who come to us know that they are here to learn and advance their skills and like any learning process, it's their initiative to try new things and make mistakes. We're here to help them learn from their mistakes so as not to repeat them.

Confidence is built by spending time investigating exactly where students are experiencing difficulty understanding concepts, and then focusing heavily on building up a solid understanding in those areas. Once students find they are able to understand something that they initially felt insurmountable, this will instil confidence and enjoyment.

Positive feedback is essential to ensure students identify their achievements in learning more complex ideas and also that they can build an understanding through hard work and dedication.


Although we personally aim for each student to achieve the highest grades we do not place that pressure on them. It's our job to provide them with the understanding and support for them to achieve the best results given their ability.