Specification *

Number and Algebra

  1. Using and Applying Number & Algebra
  2. Numbers and the Number System
    Integers, Powers & roots, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Ratio
  3. Calculations
    Number operations, mental methods, written methods, calculator methods
  4. Solving Numerical Problems
  5. Equations, Formulae & Identities
    Use of symbols, index notation, equations, linear equations, formulae, direct & inverse proportion, simultaneous linear equations, inequalities, quadratic equations, numerical methods
  6. Sequences, Functions and Graphs
    Sequences, graphs of linear functions, interpreting graphical info, quadratic equations, other functions, transformation of functions, loci

Shape, Space and Measures

  1. Using and Applying Shape, Space and Measures
  2. Geometrical Reasoning
    Properties of triangles & other rectilinear shapes, properties of circles, 3D shapes
  3. Transformation and Coordinates
    Specifying transformations, properties of transformations, coordinates and vectors
  4. Measures and Construction
    Measures , construction using ruler and protractor, mensuration, loci

Handling Data

  1. Using and Applying Handling Data
  2. Specifying the Problem and Planning
  3. Collecting Data
  4. Processing and Representing Data
    Pie charts, line graphs, scatter graphs, frequency diagrams, stem & leaf diagrams, cumulative frequency tables, box plots & histograms, basic probability, tree diagrams
  5. Interpreting and Discussing Results
    Seasonality in trends, measure spread, median and quartiles, frequency density, correlation

* Based on Edexcel specification Sep 07

Exam Description

There are 2 entry papers for GCSE Mathematics, Foundation or Higher depending on expected achievement of the pupil. The course can be either LINEAR or MODULAR.

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